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Lemniscat is an exciting production company dedicated to the recording of classical music.
Our expertise spans every genre of classical music, from early music to contemporary, and is very sought after by many professionals in the industry including the Royal Opera House, BBC, Abbey Road Studios, EMI Classics, Warner, Decca and Signum.

We strive for excellency in all aspects of our work.

The starting point is to create at the session a space in which the musician would feel comfortable, allowing them to be relaxed yet focused. A relationship of trust and confidence needs to develop with the producer so that the artist can feel supported and inspired to give their best.

The technical aspects of the recording should remain as less intrusive as possible while delivering the best quality. It will then be the responsibility of the producer to make sure the post-production workflow is highly efficient and meets the required deadline. The dialogue with the artist remains crucial during the editing and mixing stages in order to work successfully towards their final approval of the recording.

We can take care of a complete project or get involved at any stage of the production process from recording and producing, to editing, mixing and mastering.

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